Evrything went...

well, actually. The BMW is back on the road again. I wanted to try those horses out, but when you are a broke ass student and the gas costs like a leg and a arm, you gotta go slow. 

Now at my sisters place in the Hague. Had to pay for the parking, cause that would be too nice just to have a free space to park. But I think it is my sisters fault. At least a little bit. So here is a pro tip, if you go to visit someone in the Hague

Make sure you have a registration for parking.

It actually is quite simple:

  • Be registered in the Hague
  • Apply for a rights of a visitors parking
  • Register the vehicle (the numberplate)
  • Done!

After a while strolling around we found quite a shady spot near by the next day. Let's see, if my car will be there tomorrow and if it will be ok.


Long Time No Sea (Pun intended)

So this little project has been on a hold for a while, but I am back. I'll try to post more frequently, but a lot is going on. For now. I am a bit stuck with my car.

the dameged one.JPG

So the youtube videos simply showed, I should undo the strut bolts, lower the bearing housing and I'll be able to get to the one last bolt, which is directly behind the strut.

Ok. Said and done.

Nope. The housing is keeping it self on the strut so bad, that I have to dismantle the whole thing. And now I am waiting for a DHL parcel to deliver me a special tool to get a few screws out. I am hoping really bad, that it will arrive today, but there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

A bit more about me

Hello everyone.

Here is a bit more about me:
I am a seaman and travel the world. Right now I am in Turkey and got some local Internet. Just recently we docked in Tuzla dry dock.

So I am now going up my career path to be a Captain eventually. We will see, if it happens and how it happens.
I am now studying in Germany nautical sciences and going to be in a about a year time done. After that I will start as a junior officer or as a third officer, depending on the situation and demand for new seafarers.

I am quite into tech, cars, DIY and cyber security. I started to learn how to crack networks and computers (it is actually easier then one may think), also how to program. I was a fan of Qt for a while, but some how it didn't give me the satisfaction I needed. Then I started to learn Python.
If I just had known, that python is that simple. I had started with it in the first place.
If you, my dear reader, want to start to program, than that is a really good place to start with.



My "gear"

I don't have a lot, since I am just a simply broke student.

I have:

  • OnePlus One form spring 2015. I know. Almost 3 years old, but still works.
  • A quite new Lenovo Laptop - ThinkPad T550 with a few nice specs
    (I hate Windows, so I installed Ubuntu on it. I have Ubuntu 17.04 now. Yes, I know. There is already a newer version out, but here on ship the Internet is quite limited, so this is going to have to wait)
  • Logitech MX Master. Cause just have to love that clickiness. 
  • Sony MDR-1000X for some good audiophile quality.
    I know, I am not so much of an audiophile, but I like to think so about my self.
  • And an iPad 3 for book reading.

I have now reviled some information about me, and

My first post

I know. My blog has nothing to do with an organization, as the extension may suggest, but to come by a good nickname in these days is really, really hard.

This blog is also going to be a kind of my English language practice. English is not my mother tongue and it means I am going to make a lot of mistakes and sometimes no scene at all and I am really sorry, that you have to read that. But I am going to do my best to keep your attention and try to post interesting stuff for you.