A bit more about me

Hello everyone.

Here is a bit more about me:
I am a seaman and travel the world. Right now I am in Turkey and got some local Internet. Just recently we docked in Tuzla dry dock.

So I am now going up my career path to be a Captain eventually. We will see, if it happens and how it happens.
I am now studying in Germany nautical sciences and going to be in a about a year time done. After that I will start as a junior officer or as a third officer, depending on the situation and demand for new seafarers.

I am quite into tech, cars, DIY and cyber security. I started to learn how to crack networks and computers (it is actually easier then one may think), also how to program. I was a fan of Qt for a while, but some how it didn't give me the satisfaction I needed. Then I started to learn Python.
If I just had known, that python is that simple. I had started with it in the first place.
If you, my dear reader, want to start to program, than that is a really good place to start with.



My "gear"

I don't have a lot, since I am just a simply broke student.

I have:

  • OnePlus One form spring 2015. I know. Almost 3 years old, but still works.
  • A quite new Lenovo Laptop - ThinkPad T550 with a few nice specs
    (I hate Windows, so I installed Ubuntu on it. I have Ubuntu 17.04 now. Yes, I know. There is already a newer version out, but here on ship the Internet is quite limited, so this is going to have to wait)
  • Logitech MX Master. Cause just have to love that clickiness. 
  • Sony MDR-1000X for some good audiophile quality.
    I know, I am not so much of an audiophile, but I like to think so about my self.
  • And an iPad 3 for book reading.

I have now reviled some information about me, and

My first post

I know. My blog has nothing to do with an organization, as the extension may suggest, but to come by a good nickname in these days is really, really hard.

This blog is also going to be a kind of my English language practice. English is not my mother tongue and it means I am going to make a lot of mistakes and sometimes no scene at all and I am really sorry, that you have to read that. But I am going to do my best to keep your attention and try to post interesting stuff for you.