Evrything went...

well, actually. The BMW is back on the road again. I wanted to try those horses out, but when you are a broke ass student and the gas costs like a leg and a arm, you gotta go slow. 

Now at my sisters place in the Hague. Had to pay for the parking, cause that would be too nice just to have a free space to park. But I think it is my sisters fault. At least a little bit. So here is a pro tip, if you go to visit someone in the Hague

Make sure you have a registration for parking.

It actually is quite simple:

  • Be registered in the Hague
  • Apply for a rights of a visitors parking
  • Register the vehicle (the numberplate)
  • Done!

After a while strolling around we found quite a shady spot near by the next day. Let's see, if my car will be there tomorrow and if it will be ok.