It has been a wile. Yet again. Sorry for that. Quite a lot has happened and still nothing much.

So what's up!
I have started to track my time and money.
Already after a month of time tracking, it became clear - I am spending huge amounts of time on Youtube videos.  I thought to my self: well that is not good, I should do something about it. But nothing has been done.

I am now in the middle of exam session. Thats also a reason, why I have neglected this place. I really hope, I'll get my self to do more and better quality content.

Content creator has never been kinda my field of expertise. I usually just simply run out of ideas, how and what to do.

To make a blog post takes me about 10 to 30 minutes and I know  this is waaaaay too less , then I should take to make whole blogpost.

A little update on my car. It has a problem with one of the Injectors and to replace it, I need a lot of money and the car is still kinda running. It is hard now to try to rectify this quite expensive purchase, since it is still running.

If you have the patience to stay tuned and wait till my next post, I promise it will have some value.